Are you kidding me, Boise?

What do Boiseans’s property taxes fund? 

(a) Swanky condos for rich Boiseans 

(b) Flights to parks in Africa for city employees 

(c) A social media propaganda camp

(d) A failing crop farm in the city of Kuna 

(e) All of the above

Yup, the answer is (e)... and Boise officials have no qualms raising property taxes to keep pace with their spending. This report tackles a basic question—one elected officials, reporters, and even other policy analysts ignore: How can we shrink government spending? 

IFF’s “Are You Kidding Me, Boise?” report showcases five problematic patterns behind the hefty spending, and how Boise can cut its waste. Our report dissects more than $144 million spent by Boise, but the patterns of spending are applicable to all local governments. 

Ever-rising taxes do not make a livable state: 

  • People on fixed incomes are forced out of their homes
  • New families struggle to afford their first homes
  • Renters and homeowners alike watch housing costs consume more of their incomes
  • Government bureaucrats steal choices from taxpayers on how and where to spend their money 

But Idahoans deserve transparency, accountability, and respect from their government. 

The Idaho Freedom Foundation wrote this report because we believe Boise officials have overstepped the bounds of reasonable, limited government. We intend to spark a discussion about how cities can alter their spending habits so residents don’t bear overwhelming tax burdens, and regain the freedom to direct their own spending, entertainment, and charity.


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